Sunday worship begins at 10:45AM

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Sunday Worship

We gather together for worship each Sunday at 1
0:45AM at 4930 Newanga Ave. We share a campus with Faith Lutheran Church, but we have signs and assistants to help you easily find your way. If you would like more information ahead of time, you’re always free to contact us at office@redeemersr.org. 

You will find people from various backgrounds and walks of life all brought together by a common thread: every one of us needs Jesus in every moment of our lives.

In terms of dress, come and join us as you are. You’ll find a broad spectrum from casual to more formal. Dress or style isn’t a barrier to participating with us.

What to Expect

Our Approach to Worship

We believe that worshipping together is central to our life as the church, and so we are intentional in how we craft our services. Our approach can be summed up by the following: 


The Christian Church as a deep and rich history of thoughtful worship. Our worship services draw from some of the historical traditions of those who have gone before us.


A rooted approach to worship means that we apply the principles and approaches of the historical church in an accessible way that someone in our culture and context can understand. Depth and richness shouldn’t be opposed to accessibility.


Each week, you can expect our service to center around the same things: preaching from the Bible and coming around the Lord’s Table (communion). There’s nothing fancy about it, but we believe that God often does extraordinary things through everyday means.

Our Application of Worship

Our approach towards worship shapes what our services looks like. You can expect the following in a typical worship gathering:


Our services each week take a liturgical approach. Think of it like a dance: there are certain steps and movements that turn into a beautiful whole when brought together in a certain order. Similarly, you’ll find that our service is a series of movements where God addresses us and we respond back appropriately in turn, flowing together into a thoughtful and rich service.


The Bible takes a central place as we believe this is how God speaks to us. Not only is there is a time of preaching from the Bible, but the whole service is filled with readings and responses from God’s Word. We delight in hearing its gospel message of God’s grace for the hopelessly lost shown to us by Jesus.


In addition to hearing, we also see Jesus’ promises made visible to us in the Lord’s Supper. Each week we come to the communion table where Jesus welcomes us as his guests and reminds us of his mercy in ways that we can see, smell, taste, and touch.

Gospel-Centered Preaching

God’s Word is vital to Christian growth. Listen to our past sermons to hear how we stay gospel centered.


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Sunday Worship



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